Harold Castro

Harold Castro is the chief Executive and funder of SUEXpansion. His engineer diploma supplemented by a MBA and a specialization in international business, confer him a technical and business double expertise.

He is a field man who uses his double culture and his 17 years of experience in international business to help innovative entrepreneurs.

Olivier Marciset

Biotechnical engineer, Olivier Marciset by getting involved in the creation and animation of technopolis but also in missions assigned by Atlanpole (Nantes), EBN or the European Commission, has became an innovation expert.

He is also a temporary teacher in HEC (Haute Ecole de Commerce) and in 3 Universities (Entrepreneurship, Mangaging projects, Public Polytics). He is in charge of technopolis and community projects.


Abel Essono

Psychiatrist and Human Resources specialist, Abel Essono has been involved for the last 2 decades in the decentralized cooperation, in Africa particularly. He is in charge of the partnerships of the African institutions and companies.

Jesicka Romero

Jesicka ROMERO ALARCON is studding at the ESC Rennes School of Business, she is doing a master degree in International Business and Negotiation. This Colombian French is fourth lingual (a year in Farwell High School in Michigan, 6 months of exchange program at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). Her international experience of direction and animation of students groups in England and Spain, but also her passion for transculturality and the growth of emerging countries have turned her into the Latin America representative of SUExpansion.